Let's Have Pizza Tonight

Thursday, July 31, 2014 | 0 comments

My wife called from work and said she'd be home soon.
"I expect you to be pretty for me Sissy."
Yes my love" I answered. I had already had my bath, shaved and started my makeup.
I think I feel like pizza tonight  so order one now and it should be delivered around the time I get home."
Yes my love I'll order it as soon as we hang up."
"Oh and one more thing Kaaren, remember to tip the delivery man", she said giggling, "you know how much he enjoys delivering for you."
She couldn't see but I was blushing beet red..
"Yes dear, I'll take care of the tip dear."
I heard her laugh and say "I'm sure. See you in a little while my sweet Sissy."
She hung up before I could even say goodbye.
I dialed the local Pizza Parlor and ordered our regular pie, olives and anchovies. When I gave the man the address he told me they would deliver it right away.
The pizza arrived before my wife got home and after I paid for the pie I gave my standard tip.
The only thing that confuses me is why it took two men to deliver one pizza pie?

Anime Girl Gets Ass Fucked - Adult Gifs


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Four Ballerinas and Three Chavs


Here is the footage from my trip to Tranisa Films with Satine.

A quick note; we normally drive down together but because she had to go straight to London for the weekend it was more sensible to go seperatly.  I didn't want you to think we were just wasting petrol or anything.
It was another amazing shoot and I am going to press you to watch one of their movies if you are able as specific sexual kicks aside, it is so so funny. That's not to say they mock the issue of cross dressing, they cover that very sensitively, its the set ups that crack me up. My favourite scene is still 'Russia' where a group of office workers decide to dress the new worker as a women to get a contract signed. Me and Satine could not keep a straight face, it was such a joy to play office, she wouldn't stop drawing penises instead of graphs.


 I have another new scene up on Chavley Court this week. The guys who film it described it as pure carnage, with the two guys fighting to get on top as it were. From my end it was all good! I'm not sure if you can tell on the film but half way through I was a very naughty girl and went to put Eds dick in Doms mouth (I saw the opportunity and ran with it).  In all fairness to the boys, Ed went instantly floppy and Dom jumped aside as soon as he realised what was heading straight at his mouth. Here's a link to the trailer, which i will put my neck on the line and say looks a bit flat, it doesnt show the energetic sex battle I remember. I think I am right in saying that the guys are taking the footage we got that filming day and are putting it together into a dvd. The problem we had was that we were all a little to horney and couldnt stop shagging, leading to longer scenes than the site usually wants (although again all amazing for me) so they are able to use them to make a mini feature.

Latest Chav Scene Trailer

My trip to the doctors went well today, thank you for all your messages. I wont have to go see a surgeon and will be back to work in a few days, which is just as well as I have some really fun shoots coming up. My horse is finally moving tomorrow so can I please ask for some positive thoughts, this time aimed at him remembering that he likes to travel in trailers and will calmly walk sensibly one first time. (wishful).

Spoiler alert: There's a possibility that I will get to work with Kaz B in the next month or so and Leo Pops is due soon, as well as an opportunity to test drive some of the new studs from Satines agency. I am also due another trip to Abby Winters, digicreations and Freddies World in the next two weeks.

Speak soon,
Masie x

Happy Halloween!


It's only Because I Care


I know you're having some trouble getting used to wearing heels but that's only because you slip them off whenever you want to. So now I've fixed that. You'll be wearing heels all day and soon they'll be all you want to wear.
I'm locking them on just because I care. I only want whats best you know...

Love The Teddys


As one of my favorite sissy bloggers, Sarahgirl, noted I also love the Teddy! The snug feel of it, the way it keeps "things" in place, the sheer femininity of it. And just the name itself is so cute! It just makes me smile!

Then I got to thinking....if a Teddy makes me smile then a Teddy in a Teddy would make me twice as happy!!

I don't know....maybe in red.....

Yeah well if that made me twice as happy how about...

Teddy in a Teddy holding a Teddy in a Teddy!!!!  Now that makes me smile!!!!

When things get hard, bake!


I should have been landing in Hungry twenty minutes ago. These things happen and I'm still looking forward to going over as soon as they shake this flipping flu but in good Masie Dee style I'd already spent the money before earning it and now find myself broke with an empty diary - but lots and lots of cake. The cinnamon and nutella cakes were the best, the chocolate spread in the middle cooks into the worlds nicest chocolate chip with an after taste of hazelnut ummmmm.

Anyone want to buy a cake?

Masie xxx
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